There is so much competition out there at the moment when it comes to the Internet it can get confusing. All the companies are claiming theirs is best as it is the fastest and most reliable. However this one is definitely one to look a further at as not only will you get the fastest fibre optic broadband plus get FREE access to the brand new Sports channels along with a £50 gift card from Sainsbury’s. offer 4 x faster the average speed of the UK’s broadband it will also give you BT Sport for FREE. The Infinity fibre broadband is the way to go, it is more reliable and offers faster speeds, perfect for those who use the Internet a lot or have multiple connections throughout their household. Choose the type of package, all include weekend calls to UK landlines with some offering unlimited usage. The is the perfect way to get the fastest broadband and to find out more about prices and packages just click on the below link today.

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Other Information About offers some of the best speeds about, most of the time 4 times than the current UK average. Plus get all the BT Sport channels for FREE when you sign up online. The channels include the newly awaited BT Sports1 and BT Sports2 channels along with the ESPN channel. Watch all the Aviva Premiership Rugby matches along with all the FA Cup qualifying matches along with the FA Cup final. Plus you will get over 38 Premiership football matches. Not only that, you will also get all of the WTA tennis matches from the 21 tournaments across the world and lots more. There are various different packages to choose from dependent on how much you use your internet or how many devices are connected at the same time. Also, as a thank you gift you will get a £50 gift card from Sainsbury’s when you sign up online. Clicking the above link will take you through to the full information, including prices and everything else that is included along with instructions on how to place your order. package also includes weekend calls to UK landlines along with the option for you to upgrade to anytime calls and to add line rental to your package. Take a look today, as these offers will not be around for long.