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Charles Tyrwhitt has another fabulous introductory special offer on at the moment where you can purchase one of their fantastic shorts for a fraction of the normal prices. Most of their shirts start from around £70 but with CTshirts.co.uk/monty you can save at least £50 per shirt. As part of this special offer, shirts start at only £19.95 and you will receive a beautiful woven silk tie FREE of charge with your order. The majority of shirts come in 3 different fittings, making sure comfort is a priority. They have a great selection of smart shirts, perfect to go with suits or any other formal occasion along with a fabulous range of casual non-iron shirts, offering great comfort and are very practical, perfect for everyday use. Take a look at their accessories that will complement any look, from beautiful leather belts to wonderful cashmere scarfs. Plus there is a great range of men’s underwear including boxer shorts and sock. This amazing offering from CTshirts.co.uk/monty will save over 50% on their normal prices and you will receive a silk tie completely FREE of charge. Click the banner bar above today to find out more.