The Scottish Butcher just keeps on giving and this is your chance to get fabulous restaurant quality meats and produce delivered straight to your door. This amazing offer will save you so much money and we guarantee you will never taste better at home. is offering the outstanding Traditional Steak Selection for just £29, saving 50% on the normal price. This fabulous selection of beef comes from grass fed cattle and the beef has been left to mature for around 35 days for perfect taste and tenderness. The Traditional Steak Selection includes sirloin and ribeye steaks along with pave rump medallions and a Pave rump steak. Plus you will also receive 4 pork sausages along with 6 mini steak burgers and a 52-page booklet on How to Meat Perfection FREE of charge with every order. Plus you will save a further £5 with their FREE delivery offer on at the moment. All this will give you around 11-12 servings and at just £29 it makes it a fabulous offer. is renowned for its produce, so to make sure you do not miss out on this amazing offer, simply click the link below to place your order.

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The magnificent Traditional Steak Selection from is back and comes with a 50% saving. Down from £59 the fabulous selection of delicious cuts of beef will be hard to miss out on. The selection costs just £29 and included in the package will be 2 sirloin and 2 ribeye steaks along with 4 pave rump medallions and a pave rum steak. Each order will also receive a How to Meat Perfection 52 page booklet along with 4 pork sausages and 6 mini burgers completely FREE of charge, along with FREE delivery to a UK address of your choice. These fabulous cuts of prime beef come from grass-fed cattle and have been left to mature for 35 days. All of your order will be individually vacuumed packed and sent in a reusable cool box with dry ice. It will be sent to an address of your choice and you can even choose the date of delivery completely FREE of charge. This really is fabulous offer from the award winning Scottish Butcher; once you have tried one of their steaks you will wish you tried them long ago. To place your order for the Traditional Steak Selection from just click on the link above today, we know you won’t be disappointed.