It’s not very often we see offers that are hard to refuse and this is definitely one of them. If you like your meat then carry on reading as this is your chance to get restaurant quality food for a fraction of the price. Plus with every order you will receive even more meat completely FREE of charge along with FREE delivery. is giving you the chance to try some of the best steak you might ever have tasted at home and all for a fabulous price. From only £29 you can get the traditional steak selection that includes Ribeye and Sirloin steaks, Pave Steak and Pave medallion steaks, plus you will get a selection of mini steak burgers, pork sausages and delivery for FREE. provides some of the best restaurants around the world, including Royalty! Place your order today by just clicking the below link and receive your traditional steak selection within a matter of days.

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Treat yourself to the traditional steak selection from and enjoy restaurant quality meat for an amazing price. The steak pack includes 2 x sirloin steaks along with 2 fabulous ribeye steaks. Plus you will get 4 x pave medallions and 1 pave steak to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. This wonderful selection of meat will only cost £29, giving you a saving of over 50% on the normal prices. The deal just gets better as you will also receive 6 mini steak burgers, 4 pork sausages and a How to Meat Perfection book completely FREE of charge along with FREE delivery! The Scottish butcher is renowned across the globe for the fabulous quality meats and supplies some of the best eateries, plus they earned the Royal Warrant for supplying food to Kensington Palace. also has a wonderful selection of other meats, including poultry, lamb and pork as well as all types of fish. They also have a superb range of ready meals and dessert, perfect for dinner parties or special meals. Do not just take our word for how wonderful their produce is, simply click on the above banner bar today to place your order.