Getting your outside living space full of wonderful blooms and fragrance this year needn’t be as hard as you think. With so many special offers and deals about you will definitely get value you for money and these offers are certainly no exception.  Put your trust in a company who know what they are talking about when it comes to your garden. The has a fabulous selection of offers and special deals at the moment, including The Harkness Abundance rose collection. You will receive 5 wonderful rose bushes in 5 contrasting yet complementing colours for only £14.95. This will give you a saving of over £17, plus you will get a FREE 8” heavy duty pruning secateurs with your order. They are also offering a fabulous selection of 4 premium fruit trees and 6 succulent fruits bushes for only £25, giving you a massive saving of over £121! With so many special offers on at the moment the should definitely be your first port of call. Click below to see all the current deals available.

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The is based in Preston in Lancashire and thanks to their highly successful online shop they are able to share all their products and produce no matter how far away you are. They stock everything for your garden including an impressive selection of garden furniture along with a great range of lawn mowers. They also boast a fabulous selection of bedding plants and grow your own fruit. Whilst you may think it’s easier to get everything from your local superstore, just think of the satisfaction of being able to grow your own. They have fantastic offers available most of the time, so it is really best to keep checking black here every now and then to make sure you do not miss out! They are currently offering you great savings of over £17 on the Harkenss Abundance rose collection, where you will receive 5 beautiful bushes in beautiful colours and once planted they will yield beautiful flowers year after year. Not only that, you will also receive a FREE pair of heavy duty secateurs with every order of these superb roses. They are also offering the Ultimate Fruit Collection for only £25, giving you an eye watering saving of over £121. Included in this offer are 4 premium fruit trees and 6 fabulous fruit bushes that will yield plenty of fruit throughout the summertime, year after year! Do not miss out on any of these or any up and coming special deals from the, click the below link today to find out more.