Take a look at this fantastic game that is not only completely different from something you can buy on the High Street it also helps with hand and eye co-ordination. This fun game can be played on its own or with up6 players and is suitable for anyone over the aged of 5 years. This fabulous penguin game is available from Happypuzzle.co.uk/penguins and for a limited time you can save 40% on the normal price. For only £8.99 this wonderful game can be yours and something the whole family can get involved in. A steady hand and good foresight is needed to start balancing your penguins on the moving wardrobe but be careful, as those that cannot balance will fall into the icy pond. Enjoy this wonderful game from Happypuzzle.co.uk/penguins, and click the banner below to place your order today.

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Happypuzzle.co.uk/penguins has a fantastic new toy on offer for you at the moment that is perfect for all the family to play. You can play the penguin game on your own or with up to 6 players and designed for everyone or anyone over the age of 5 years old. Playing is easy and all you need to do it carefully position the penguins on the icebergs without them falling off.  It helps hand and eye co-ordination and is also a lot of fun. You can get this fun game for only £8.99, giving you a saving of 40% on their normal prices. The Happy Puzzle Company has a fantastic selection of toys and games for all the family most are a little bit different to the normal games you can get on the High Street. Plus they all make perfect presents and gifts for special occasions. Enjoy the penguin game from the Happypuzzle.co.uk/penguin and save 40% in the process. The banner bar above has all the information on all their special offers on at the moment.