This wonderful variety become one of the nations favourite a few years ago and still to this day is one of the most popular. It is easy to see why when you taste the beautiful crisp, fruity flavours and is the perfect accompaniment to many different types of meals. The wonderfully crowd-pleasing Pinot Grigio Collection comes with an amazing saving of over £50 with this offer from A box of 12 bottles, 2 of each of the 6 varieties costs just £59.98, making each bottle £4.99 per bottle. The varieties include wines from vineyards in Italy and Sicily along with Hungary and Romania and as far as Australia. All of these wonderful varieties will suit all occasions. is also offering FREE delivery on your order, saving you a further £7.99. Do not let this wonderful Pinot Grigio offer slip by and make the time to restock your wine collection, whilst saving yourself a fortune. Place your order today and receive your  Pinot Grigio collection within days.

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The delicious Pinot Grigio Collection current has over £50 worth of savings available from Each collection includes 12 wonderful bottles of white wine. The 6 varieties have been carefully handpicked to complement each other and to suit all different types of occasions. Pinot Grigio is now one of the most popular wines about, it is so easy to drink and can be enjoyed with food or simply on its own. These 12 bottles cost just £4.99 each when bought as part of this amazing collection. The wines come from all over Europe and one from Australia. The wonderful Paris Street comes from Romania with Hungary’s number one Campanula, there is also the Italy’s Gold Medal winner Sentiero and the Aleesandro Gallici’s from Italy. The ever-popular Il Papavero from Sicily and the fabulous The King from Australia complete the collection. All of these wonderful wines will also be delivered FREE of charge, saving you an additional £7.99. These fabulous savings from will only be around whilst stocks last. So to make sure you do not miss out simply click on the banner bar above today, delivery will be within the next few days to an address of your choice.