The government used to subsidise travel for those close to or over retirement age to make sure they could still visit friends and family once they were no longer working. Unfortunately due to the economic decline we have experienced over the past few years they had to withdraw the funding. Thanks to you can now save a 3rd on all standard fares to all locations across the UK. This offer is available to anyone over the age of 60yrs and will only cost you £10 per year. For example, if you travel from Newcastle to London the normal fare is £ 36.90, if you have a card you will pay £24.60, giving you a saving of £12.30 on just one trip! The is a must even if you think you will use it once or twice a year and can be used throughout the year including public and bank holidays and weekends, you will save more. Click on the below banner bar to find out more and instructions on how to purchase it.

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Other Information About will save you a 3rd on your coach travel over the next 12 months, helping to take the financial pressure off travelling to see friends and family. There are routes all over the UK and one way or another you are sure to find a route to suit. The card is for anyone who is over the age of 60yrs and can be used every day of the year including public and bank holidays as well as weekends. Using the coach service is really easy, decide when and where you want to travel and then select your route. When you arrive at your pickup point you will be met by a friendly driver who will put your big luggage in the hold for you and get it off again once you arrive at your location. The coaches are modern and air conditioned making your trip as comfy as possible. When you book your coach you will be able to see all the stops for your journey giving you the chance to choose from a direct or scenic route. If you travel a lot then this card will definitely save you money, for example if your travel from Exeter to Heathrow Airport the standard fare is £24, using your card you will pay £16 saving you £8. The is definitely one for anyone over 60yrs who likes to travel or can be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any parent or grandparent. Click on the above banner bar to find out more and find out how easy it is to apply.