With the change of seasons upon us, you may be finding yourself turning the central heating up a notch and it being on more. It is a very worrying time for some as we are all unsure when the fuel prices will increase and by how much. Thankfully have come up trumps with this fabulous offer where you can fix gas and electric prices until 31st December 2017. This will give you peace of mind and all you will need to worry about is how much you use! They offer a £90 duel fuel discount when you take both gas and electricity along with a £100 discount if you pay both fuels by direct debit on one bill, plus there is no exit fee if you want to leave before. If 2017 is too far away; they also have short term fixed rates and mid term rates until December 2015. Protect your gas and electricity prices until December 2017 with today and benefit from the fixed rates for the next couple of years.

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Other Information About will allows you to fix your energy prices until 31st December2017 giving you complete peace of mind from now until then. Prices are on the increase and no one can tell us when or by how much so just by fixing your rates now will save you money in the long term. If you sign up for both gas and electricity you will be entitled to the annual duel fuel discount of £90 and if you pay both by direct debit on one bill you can save a further £100. There a no exit fees with this deal, until the majority of their competitors so there’s no reason why not to sign up. This deal from is available to new and existing customers alike, and for the majority of different plans including standard credit and economy 7 when paying monthly or quarterly. Unfortunately it is not available to customers on pre-payment or non-standard meters. You can choose to receive your bills online that will also allow you to submit meter readings and track how much you have used along with comparisons month-by-month or year-by-year. The above link will take you to their website showing all the details and prices involved. Make sure you click today to give you peace of mind over the next couple of winters.