O2 Refresh

O2 Refresh

At long last someone has been listening to what the customer wants and is able to offer a brand new tariff that has a little something for everyone. No more being tied into long contracts and having to wait for what seems like forever to end and get a new handset, this really is an offer to beat all offers. O2 Refresh will definitely transform the way contracts a created from now on, sign up to a 24 month contract with the option to upgrade your phone whenever you want. There won’t be any exit fees or hidden charges, all you will pay is the remaining amount for your current phone and then start all over again. This way you will be able to get a new phone as and when you want it without paying any hefty penalties. You can still choose the best tariff to suit your needs and when you upgrade you can even trade in your old phone and get up to £260 back. O2 Refresh really is a refreshing deal and to find out more just click the below banner.

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Other Information About O2 Refresh

O2 Refresh is the revolutionary new contract from O2.co.uk where you get the benefits of being in a contract but can upgrade your phone whenever you want. There are no get out clauses or hefty surrender charges, all you will pay is the remaining amount on your phone. Once that has been cleared you are free to start again, you can do this as many times as you want as there are no limits. For those who don’t need or want a new handset the monthly charges will reduce dramatically once full payment for the phone has been made. When you have finished with you current handset you can trade it in and get up to £260 towards your next phone. This amazing contract is available to all regardless if you are a current O2.co.uk or with another provider. There are 3 different kinds of tariffs available at the moment, however all are subject to change, and the handsets are from the leading providers including HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and the Apple iPhone. O2 Refresh will change the way companies offer phone contracts in the future so why not join the UK’s leading mobile phone provider, for more information click on the above banner today.