Do you currently have your internet, TV service and phone line with different companies? If yes, did you know that in one easy step you can move to one company, giving you one bill each month along with an easy way to contact them? Existing TV customers can now switch their internet and calls and £50 of the normal monthly rate for the first 12 months with Enjoy their fantastic unlimited broadband service that allows you to do as much or as little as you want each month. For those who need more out of their internet you can upgrade to the fabulous fibre broadband and pay a fantastically reduced price for the first 6 months. Once you have confirmed your order the switch squad will jump into action and arrange for your current service to be transferred. Make the most of this amazing offer from and save 50% on your unlimited broadband service and click the banner bar below today.

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If you currently have the fantastic Sky TV service you can now get their amazing unlimited broadband service for half price for the first 12 months with Enjoy a completly unlimited broadband connection, which will allow you to use it to your heart’s content without experiencing any restricted speeds, or receive any unexpected bills each month. For households who require more from their broadband then take a look at the brilliant superfast, totally unlimited fibre connection, half price for the first 6 months. The amazing fibre broadband offers fantastic speeds up to 38Mb, allowing you to stream, download and share at the same time. Line rental is charged separately for a small additional amount each month. This amazing unlimited broadband service will give you the best service about and saving 50% in the process is definitely worth changing to. Switching to is so easy, once you have confirmed your order the Switch Squad will jump into action and contact your current broadband supplier and arrange the switch over, it’s as easy as that! If you find yourself being charged by your current supplier, you can claim up to £100 in High Street vouchers to compensate your loss. Enjoy the first 12 months at 50% and place your order today.