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  1. Mr B Glendinning Says:

    I recently received a letter through the post inviting me to take out 12 months free unlimited broadband. I phoned today and was held in a que for nearly 20 mins when I finally got to speak to someone I explained I was interested in taking out the offer, we went through all the security questions to access my account and then I was told I was being transferred to another department, I was again put on hold, when the person answered he asked what I was interested in and I explained the exact same details has I had already done to the first operator, the second person then started asking me all my account details that I had already given, to this point I decided if this is the way you deal with customers no wonder we are on the phone for so long, when you give out all your details, even if you are transfered you details should be transfered with the call, calls to busy company’s like sky can frustrate customers, and I am one of these, I am sorry to say I will not be taking you up on the offer and will be looking to another broadband provider.

    Bryan Glendinning

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