If you want your garden full of blooms or there is an area in your outdoor space that needs living up then we have the perfect suggestion for you. This amazing deal means you can get one of the ever- popular plants that will continue flowering every year from June to November. This stunning Fuchsia ‘Pink Fizz’ from will set you back just £9.99 for 3 Postiplugs, you can double up and receive 6 plugs for just 1p extra! These wonderful plants will look fabulous when in full bloom and like to be planted in pots, flower beds or borders. Each of the wonderful plants will grow to around 5ft year after year, they will need a bit of support if planting in the ground. Alternatively you can plant them in the beautiful Tower Pots, also available from Thompson-morgan.comdm304 from £19.99, the more you buy the better the price! These post have 2 detachable frames that will help the Fuchsia’s upward growth. Enjoy a burst of fabulous colour and fragrance during the summer time and click on the link below for more information.

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Other Information About has an unbelievable offer on at the moment where you can get the beautiful Fuchsia ‘Pink Fizz’ for a fraction of the normal price. For just £9.99 you can get 3 Postiplugs that are ready to be planted out, for just 1p you can double your order to 6! Yes, that’s right for £9.99 you can get 3 or for just £10 you can get 6. Alternatively you can purchase 5x7 garden ready potted plants for just £14.99 each. These wonderful plats will fill any empty border or look stunning in a pot on a balcony, decking or patio. Each will grow to about 5m and be full of fabulous pink blooms from June to November every year. They require little maintenance apart from regular watering and dead heading every now and then. Fuchsias are very popular as they are so easy to grow and they look so good, so why not take advantage of this amazing offer from They are also offering fantastic prices on tower plant pots that will look great with your fuchsias! They have 2 removable frames that encourage upward growth and a saucer to stand them in. Enjoy gorgeous blooms in your garden this year, click the above link today to place your order.