Here we have a beautiful shrub perfect for small gardens or balcony’s that will not only smell great but be haven for wildlife throughout the year. Bred by Charles Valiun, who recently received the Royal Horticultural Society’s Reginald Cory Cup for outstanding achievement in plant breeding. has worked with Charles to create the DWARF Butterfly bush, alternatively known as the Beddleja Buzz. Usually the common Butterfly bush has been known to take over the garden but here we have the Dwarf version that will not take over and is perfect for smaller areas, pots and containers. It has become the most popular shrub as it is very low maintenance; all you need to do is cut it back to soil every March. The flowers produce rich nectar that is loved by bee’s and butterflies each summer. You will also receive a FREE booklet to help you identify the different species that will visit your plant. The Beddleja Buzz comes in 3 fabulous colours, Magenta, Ivory and Sky Blue and you will receive a £10 voucher once your order has been confirmed. All information about these stunning plants can be found by double click the below link.

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Other Information About is offering you the fabulous chance to get the Dwarf Butterfly bush for your garden or patio. Unlike the common breed the dwarf will not take over your garden and look fantastic in small spaces including pots and containers. Bee’s and butterflies love the beautiful nectar rich flowers that are in full bloom for about 16 weeks per year. As part of your order you will receive a FREE booklet to help you identify the species that visit the plant and your garden. The Butterfly bush comes in 3 fabulous colours, Sky Blue, Magenta and Ivory and each order you will receive one of each plus a £10 voucher once your order has been confirmed. The Beddleja Buzz requires very little maintenance, in fact all you need to do is prune it back to the soil every March and it will grow back before you know it. Why not treat yourself to a new pair of secateurs whilst placing your order.  The sweet scented flowers will give a beautiful fragrance and look fabulous throughout the summer. Ordering the Butterfly bush from is very easy and once you have clicked the above banner bar you will be half way there.