This beautiful plant will be an absolute delight in your outside living space this year and for many years to come. It looks simply gorgeous with its wonderful exotic blooms that will flower all summer long. It will give a wonderful
display from early summer until the late frost this year and many years to come. are offering the beautiful Alstroemeria ‘Garden Hybrid Mix’ for just £9 for 6 bare root plants or get 18 bare root plants for just £12. Now is the perfect time to get your plants planted to give you a wonderful display throughout the summer months. These wonderful plants have prolific funnel shaped blooms in glorious colours that loo fabulous together. Make the most of this fantastic offer from for the delightfully exotic Alstroemeria ‘Garden Hybrid Mix’, to find out more and to place your order simply click on the banner bar below today.

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The stunning Alstroemeria ‘Garden Hybrid Mix’ can be yours for just £9 for 6 bare rooted plants, or 18 plants for just £12, giving you fabulous savings. These wonderful plants are so easy to grow and require very little maintenance and will put on a glorious display from early summer right through to the first frost. The prolific growing exotic flowers will fill flower beds and borders, along with patio pot with glorious flowers and once in bloom they can also be brought inside as cut flowers. also have their beautiful patio pots on special offer, they have a delightful patio pots that are perfect for growing your Alstroemeria ‘Garden Hybrid Mix in, they have a beautiful brushed metallic finish with a matching saucer. The pots measure 30cm high and 38cm wide, we know they will look stunning scattered around your patio, decking, balcony and terrace. Enjoy this fabulous offer from and fill your garden or outside living space with beautiful flowers this year, and for many more to come. Click the banner bar above today to place your order and to see all their other fantastic special offers.