These wonderful plants will definitely take pride of place in your garden or outdoor living area. These are simply magnificent, especially when in full bloom and have taken years of careful breeding to produce such a stunning variety. The fabulous Tree Lily Collection is now available from for just £9.99 for 9 bulbs, 3 of each variety. They are the tallest lilies in the work and will grow to around 8ft high, flowering after 2 years of initial growth. Each tree, one premium bulb, will produce around 30 glorious 8” trumpet flowers that not only look fabulous but will smell delightful at the same time. The 3 varieties include the Pink Explosion, Yellow Rocket and the ever-popular Starburst. They are so easy to grow and require little maintenance apart from a bit of pruning every now and then; they will grow every year to give you an amazing display every year. Do not miss out on this amazing offer and save around £24 on the fabulous Tree Lily Tree Collection from Click on the link below to place your order today.

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Other Information About currently has the world’s tallest lily tree on special offer at the moment. It has been painstakingly created over the past few years and they are now pleased as punch to be able to offer it out to the general public. The stunning Lily Tree Collection can be yours for just £9.99, which includes 9 bulbs, 3 of each of the 3 beautiful varieties. This amazing offer means you can save just over £10 on the 9-bulb collection or around £24 for the 18-bulb collection. They are also offering great prices on packs of 3 bulbs of a single variety. The wonderful varieties include the stunning Yellow Rocket, the beautiful Starburst and the simply gorgeous Pink Explosion. Each of these magnificent lily trees will grow to around 8ft tall in their 2nd year and start to flower that year too. Each tree will produce a fantastic collection of around 30 beautiful trumpet shaped flowers that will burst open giving a spectacular display. They will thrive in borders and be perfect along fences or brighten corners; wherever they grow they will look fabulous. is also offering their Incredibloom fertiliser that will help promote around 400% more blooms. Do not miss out on this amazing offer and click on the link above today to place your order.