If you like beautiful blooms during the summer time then you will love this offer from the market leaders. They are offering a fabulous array of blooms that will look perfect in any hanging basket, pot, window box or borders. These amazing blooms will give off an abundance of colour and look fantastic wherever they are placed. offering the best flowering petunia plants you will ever see, and for just £4.99 you will get 12 amazing plug plants. This will give you a saving of £5 on the normal price but if you want more then you can get 26 for just £9.99, saving you£19.98! These wonderful plants will be delivered during April and May as plug plants that are ready to be planted, just be careful of the last frost. Enjoy a garden full of beautiful, colourful petunia’s this year, courtesy of To find out more and all their other special offers on at the moment, simply follow the below banner bar.

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Other Information About is offering beautiful ‘Easy Wave’ petunia plants at the fraction of their normal costs. You can get 12 of these plug plants for only £4.99, saving you £5. Alternatively if you want more you can get 36 for just £9.99, saving £19.98 or if that still isn’t enough you can get 72 for only £14.99 saving you a massive £44.95! These wonderful plants will give a fantastic array of colour to your garden and will keep flowering until mid-autumn, giving you plenty of chance to enjoy them. They can be planted wherever takes your fancy but will look fabulous in hanging baskets or window boxes. is also offering ingenious hanging baskets that have special holes for you to place the plants in without damaging them. You can one of these brilliant hanging baskets for just £6.99. Alternatively you can 2 for just £9.98, saving you £5 and you will also receive a £5 voucher to spend on your next shop. These really are brilliant deals and the perfect time to order, all plants will be delivered during the next couple of months along with full instructions on planting and how to care from them. The above banner bar will take you through to this amazing deal and have all the other special offers on at the moment.