These wonderful plants are back by popular demand, they are highly sought after and incredibly rare. They offer something most have never seen before and, and being so highly fragrant makes them a delight to have. These beautiful plants are not on sale anywhere else, so this is really your only chance to purchase the stunning Black Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystic’. purchased three mother bulbs for £250,000 back in 1999 and have spent the last few years cultivating and developing them in to these beautiful plants. They are perfect for filling patio pots, borders or flower beds, they can even be growing inside but their colour might seem purple against black. One bulb costs just £4.99, with eight bulbs only £11.99 saving over £27 or a massive saving of over £61 can be made if you purchase sixteen bulbs! is expecting these stunning Black Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystic’ bulbs to sell out very quickly. So to make sure you do not miss out simply click the below bar today to place your order.

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Other Information About are delighted to be offering the stunning Black Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystic’ plants again. These magical plants produce the most mesmerising black flowers with the most amazing fragrance and will be a delight for you to have in your outside living space this year and for many years to come. They are very easy to grow and require little maintenance, they will thrive in pots and containers along with flower beds and borders. They can be grown inside, however they may appear purple instead of black with any forced cultivation. have been developing these wonderful plants for the past 19 years since purchasing three mother bulbs for £250,000! Each beautiful plant will grow to around 20cm high, with a spread of around 8cm and the bulb size is 15/16. They are very rare and highly sought after and only available here, we know they will sell out again, especially with this amazing money saving offer. Enjoy savings of over £61 with this fabulous offer from and click on the banner bar above today to place your order. Please make sure you click today, last time they sold out very, very quickly, so don’t delay and click today!