If you are looking for something a little bit different to at colour and life to your borders then take a look at this fabulous offer from the Nation’s favourite online garden experts. Being the business since 1855 they can be excused for knowing pretty much everything you need for your garden or outdoor living space. has a number of special offers on at the moment but this one is by far our favourite. For only £9.99 you can get 9 of these fabulous Tree Lily, saving over 50% on the standard price. These incredible trees will grow to around 8ft in 2 years their 5cm thick stems will keep them standing upright all summer long. The Tree Lily collection includes 3 bulbs of each of the 3 varieties, the beautiful Starburst, the stunning Yellow Rocket and the fabulous Pink Explosion. All will be delivered straight away and can be planted in borders or pots, wherever takes your fancy. Enjoy these beautiful Tree Lily’s thanks to and click on the banner bar below today as this special offer will not be around for much longer.

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Other Information About is offering the truly spectacular Tree Lily Collection for only £9.99, saving you over £10 on the standard RRP price. These fabulous Tree Lily’s will fill any garden with fabulous colour from their massive 20cm trumpet shaped blooms and the fragrance they give off is amazing. They come in 3 different varieties the Pink Explosion, the Starburst and Yellow Rocket and you will receive 3 of each in your collection. Each beautiful tree will grow to around 8ft after their 2nd year of growth and have very sturdy 5cm thick stems to keep them standing. The beautiful blooms will flower all summer long and once finished they will be replaced with beautiful luscious green foliage. They can be planted in borders or pots on your patio or decking. also has special deals on wonderful 30cm patio pots, perfect for your Tree Lily’s and if you buy 3 you will save £9.99, basically getting one for FREE. Take advantage of their 100% quality satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t happy in any way they will either replace or refund, see T&C’s for further details. Enjoy a beautiful garden this year with a little help from the experts, click the banner bar above today to find out more and to place your order.