Take a look at this wonderful plant that will give you one of the best displays each summer and you will find others commenting on how beautiful it is. This fabulous plant offers striking red flowers, with contrasting lime edging and wonderful bright blue centre. The unique and very robust Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glam Rock’ (Horwack) can be yours from for as little as £9.99. If you buy 2 of these beautiful Hydrangea’s you will only pay £10, saving you around £20 on the normal price. These wonderful plants will give many years of beautiful displays that will get bigger and better every year. Each plant will grow to around 120cm or 48” and will be delivered in 9cm pots during the coming month, making it perfect timing for planting out. They love borders just as much as pots and will thrive in direct or partial sun. This amazing offer from will not be around for long so click on the banner below to place your order.

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The stunning ‘Glam Rock’ Hydrangea can be yours for as little as £9.99, or you can buy 2 for only £10 with this amazing offer from This wonderful plant looks simply glorious, with its red and lime flowers with an electric blue centre when in full bloom though the summer. Each year it will grow back bigger and better than the previous year, making this offer such good value for money. The stunning Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glam Rock’ (Horwack) will flower from July to September each year and is robust enough to cope with our winters. It can be planted wherever you fancy, personally we like to see them in pots scattered around the patio, gate/walk ways, decking and even balconies. They will grow to around 48” or 120cm and require little maintenance. This amazing deal from also includes their amazing Incredibloom fertiliser that will help promote growth along with a fabulous selection of pots and saucers that are perfect to plant your ‘Glam Rock’ hydrangea’s in. Click the link below to take advantage of this fabulous deal from and enjoy beautiful plants in your garden.