This wonderful plant will look simply fabulous on your patio or decking area this year with its beautiful cascading flowers that will produce a beautiful display. Its rapid growth means it will grow to around 1.5m or 5ft in first season and hardy enough to cope with the typical British weather.  The stunning Petunia ‘Purple Rocket’ is currently on special offer from This amazing offer means you can get 3 postiplugs for just £6.99, saving you £3 on the normal price. These wonderful plants will put on an amazing display and smell absolutely fabulous at the same time. They also have their wonderful two part frame that is perfect for your Purple Rocket petunia to grow up. Alternatively you can get the Purple Rocket Collection that includes 3 ‘Purple Rocket’ Postiplus, a beautiful large lattice effect pot and saucer, the 2 part frame Incredicompost and Incredibloom fertiliser for only £24.97, saving you £15 if you were to purchase them separately. This wonderful limited timed offer from is one you do not want to miss out on, so click on the banner bar below today to place your order.

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Three stunning Petunia ‘Purple Rocket' plants can be yours for as little as £6.99 thanks to this amazing offer from This beautiful plant offers stunning purple flowers that will produce a fabulous display throughout the summer months, up to 1.5 metres or 5ft in height. They love the British summer weather so will grow and flourish come rain or shine. We think they look fabulous in pots and the fantastic tower pot, alternatively you can plant in flower beds and borders, allowing them to spread amongst your other plants. You can also save £15 on their fabulous Purple Rocket Collection which has everything to make a stunning display. Each of these wonderful collections include 3 Petunia Purple Rocket  Postiplus, along with a two part climber frame, a stunning 38cm lattice effect pot and Saucer, their amazing Incredicompost and Incredibloom fertiliser. They can be placed around your patio or decking or front garden, alternatively they will look fabulous on roof top terraces and balconies, making them very versatile for most outdoor areas. Do not miss out on this amazing offer from and click on the link above to find out more and to place your order.