This wonderful brand new plant will bring you a fabulous display all summer long for many years to come. It offers stunning double two toned blooms in glorious shades of lilac and golds, along with dense beautiful green foliage. It loves to grow up fences and trellis and will produce a fabulous display from June to September. The simply stunning Clematis Florida ‘Taiga’ is fabulous new variety from that will look amazing with masses double two toned blooms when in full bloom. It is very winter hardy making it the ideal plant for you garden and will come back stronger, better and bigger every year. It can be grown in pots or containers or in the ground. This introductory offer means you can get one plant for just £9.99, saving you £5 on the standard price. As this is a new plant expect the demand to be very high, so click on the link below today to pre-order, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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The stunning new Clematis Florida ‘Taiga’ is the latest variety from and can be yours for just £9.99, giving you a fabulous saving of £5 on the normal price. This gorgeous plant offers beautiful double two toned blooms in lovely lilac and gold shades surrounded by lush foliage. It loves to grow up fences, walls and trellises and being fully hardy it will survive our winters and grow back bigger and stronger for many years to come. As these are a new variety, the demand is expected to be high so are giving you the chance to pre-order and receive your beautiful Clematis Florida ‘Taiga’, 7cm potted plants, in September. They are so easy to grow and will flourish in pretty much all conditions and positions. Also, take a look at their amazing Incredibloom fertiliser that will help promote health and growth and give you up to 4000% more blooms. Do not miss out on this amazing offer for the gorgeous Clematis Florida ‘Taiga’ and place your pre-order today to avoid any disappointment.