This fabulous plant has been part of a breeding program over the past few years to create a more robust plant that produces the most fabulous display. It has more petals and flowers than before and has been breed in the UK making sure it can cope with our weather. The stunning Petunia ‘Purple Rock’ is exclusively available from at an amazing price. 5 young plants cost just £6.99, saving you £3 on the normal price; the savings increase with the amount you purchase. They are also offering the Purple Rock Collection for just £24.97, saving £15 if you were to purchase them individually. The Purple Rock Collection includes 3 beautiful Petunia ‘Purple Rock’ young plants along with a large lattice effect pot with a matching saucer. It also includes a 2-part frame that is perfect for your plants to grow up and also Incredicompost and 100g Incredibloom fertiliser. Plus there is an additional 10% on all on line orders. This really is a fabulous offer from, click on the link below today to place your order for the exclusive Petunia ‘Purple Rocket’ collection.

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The stunning Petunia ‘Purple Rocket’ is now available from The every popular Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ has spent years on a breeding program in the UK and they have now created the wonderful Petunia ‘Purple’. Being breed in the UK makes it used to the UK weather so will grow and produce a beautiful display come rain or shine! This wonderful plant offers beautiful purple flowers that offer a fabulous intense fragrance that will bring joy to your patio or outside space this year. Take advantage of this amazing offer where you can save £15 on the fantastic Purple Rocket Collection. This wonderful collection includes 3 young purple rocket plants long with a 38cm patio pot with matching saucer. Plus it comes with a two-part frame, which is perfect for your Petunias to grow and climb up. It also includes 100g Incredibloom fertiliser and Incredicompost. These beautiful plants are so easy to grow and require hardly any maintenance and in return they will give you a fabulous display throughout the summer. The above link will take you to the full offer from, click today to place your order.