Here we have a fantastic chance for you to get beautiful booms for your garden this summer and all at fabulous prices. You can save over 80% on most of the flowers and plants; this really isn’t a sale to miss out on. All from the UK’s leading online garden centre and you can be sure of great quality of plants and customer service. is having a clearance sale and offering a fantastic selection of plants with up to 83% savings available. The Tree Peony rockii has a beautiful deep burgundy base with a big flower bowl bloom that will look great in any border or flower bed. The Lotto mix Begonia is a firm favourite for every border, pot or basket and will bloom throughout the summer. There is a fabulous basket mix will create fantastic colourful flowers over the next few months and the collection includes at least 5 different varieties. A simple magnolia tree will be a delightful addition to any garden and will last year after year along with the Clematis florida. has a beautiful selection of plants on offer at the moment and to make sure you do not miss out click on the banner bar below today.

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Other Information About has a superb collection of plants for your garden that will give you an abundance of colour and fragrance all through the summer into early autumn. They are offering you a saving of 83% on most of the pants making them a fabulous deal that you don’t want to miss out on. Here you can get a beautiful basket section with at least 5 different varieties to add vibrant colours to your garden. The Carnation Frills and Fragrance mix will not only give you double headed blooms that look amazing but smell great too. They offer a mix of musky, spicy and sweet smells perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. The magnolia tree offers a large goblet flowers that offer a beautiful bloom in the spring, they will look good in a border position or take centre stage as they will grow as big or as little as you desire. Strawberries are a must in every garden they have an abundance of fruit throughout the year, approx. 1.2kg per plant! They are great fun for little ones to help you pick, just make sure they don’t eat too many! All plants come as plugs and full instructions of what to do with them. These are just a selection of the plants and flowers on special offers from, just click on the link above to find out more.