Grow mouthwatering strawberries with fantastic results when you order online at Van Meuwen. The offer featured in todays press gives you the chance to grow a highly aromatic and super-sweet crop with a KILO of fruit per plant. This offer also offers a strawberry planter with £10 discount and a grow pouch which also comes with a great discount. Order your strawberry plant or plants online today and make great savings from a supplier you really can trust, visit to see this fabulous offer or click the offer bar below to see all the great discounts currently available.

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The strawberry planter on currently on offer at Van Meuwen is ideal for small gardens or patio areas. It's a real practical and folds down for easy storage in the winter months. The grow pouch is a clever way of growing your delicious fruit, it's basically a large hanging basket where you can add strawberry plants using the preformed holes, ideal for hanging on a post, on a bracket or a fence. Find out more about all these offers by visiting or click the offer bar to visit the main Van Meuwen website and find all the current offers available. A clever new way of growing delicious strawberries on patios or in small gardens. Simply fill with compost, add strawberry plants using the preformed holes, and hang from a fence, wall or pole. Practical and attractive too! (Plants not included)