If you are fed up of having animals come into your garden and use it as a litter tray then we may have found you the perfect solution. This beautiful plant produces a delicate strong scent, which is not noticeable by humans, that is loathed by cats, dogs, foxes, and rabbits. The wonderful Coleus Canina or more commonly known as the Scaredy Cat Plant is now on special offer with has a special deal on at the moment for 5 of the Coleus Canina plants for only £9.99, with 10 plants costing just £14.98 or 30 plants only £19.96. These wonderful plants offer beautiful lush green leaves and gorgeous blue flowers during the summer and early autumn. They are very easy to grow and enjoy short periods of drought, plus they are best placed in the sunlight as the odour gets stronger the hotter the leaves. The Coleus Canina is the natural way to deter animals from entering your garden. To place your order for these wonderful plants from, simply click on the banner bar below, delivery will be over the next few weeks.

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The beautiful Coleus Canina is the perfect and most humane way to help prevent cats and foxes into your garden. has a host of special offers on at the moment that will save you so much money. These wonderful plants have green leaves and produce lovely little flowers from the beginning of summer to the early autumn. The hotter the leaves get the stronger the fragrance is and you will find less cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits wanting to come into your garden. This method is lot more natural that most of the others and most probably more effective. There is no need to worry, as the odour they produce is hardly obvious to people. is also offering beautiful patio pots that are perfect to grow your scaredy cat plants in, with savings of around £20 available. These offers are not around for long and this one in particular is back by popular demand and expecting it to be very popular. To place your orders simply click on the banner bar above today.