Take a look at these fabulous evergreens that will help turn your garden into a Mediterranean delight. They look beautiful and will help define a pathway or look beautiful by your front door, or on their own in pots. They can be bought individually or you can save money when you buy 2 or more, plus get FREE delivery. The stunning Italian Cypress Tree from is a hardy evergreen and drought resistant, so there’s no need to worry during the summer months. They are delivered during December and will be 80-100cm tall and will grow to approx. 3 meters in 10 years. This magnificent Italian Cypress Tree will look fabulous in your garden or along your driveway, and are very low maintenance especially when you use Chempak Year Long Fertiliser. Make the most of this fantastic offer from and click the banner bar below today.

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Other Information About are offering the wonderful Italian Cypress tree that will look beautiful planted along a path or by doorways, alternative just scattered around the garden. Add a bit of the Tuscan countryside to your garden or outdoor space, these trees are hardy evergreens that require very little, if any, maintenance. They are drought resistant that will come in handy during our summer months, if our last summer was anything to go by! Each tree will be around 80-100cm tall when they are delivered during December and will grow to approx. 3 meters over the next 10 years. They can be trimmed each year if you want to keep them a certain shape or height, alternatively you can just leave them and let them grow.  The Italian Cypress Tree will look great defining your front path or look fantastic planted in pots by your front door, they will look beautiful wherever they are planted. This fabulous offer from you will save when purchasing 2 or more tree’s plus you will receive FREE delivery. They are also offering yearlong fertiliser as part of this amazing deal. To find out more simply follow the banner bar above.