At times our gardens are in need of a little splash of colour and wonderful fragrance. This amazing shrub will give a wonderful display throughout the year that you can keep neatly trimmed or let it flourish into a beautiful feature tree. It offers wonderful green-blue lush foliage throughout the year and then come the spring, stunning yellow cluster flowers burst into bloom offering a wonderful delicate, fruity scent. The beautiful golden Mimosa is currently on special offer with, where you can get one of these beautiful plants from just £6.99, saving you £3. These wonderful Golden Mimosa’s start flowering around January time and continue right through until April every year and then the beautiful blue-green, fern like foliage takes over the display. These wonderful shrubs will be delivered over the next 4-8 weeks as 9cm potted plants that are ready to be planted in your chosen position. This amazing offer for the beautiful Golden Mimosa shrub from, click on the link today to order yours!

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The stunning Golden Mimosa can be yours for just £6.99 from, giving you a great saving on the normal price. These wonderful shrubs can be planted in pots and containers and kept in shape with a bit of pruning. Alternatively they can be planted in the ground and either kept in a smaller shape or allowed to grow into a stunning feature tree. Each shrub will produce and abundance of yellow clustered fluffy flowers from January to April each year and then the beautiful green-blue foliage will take over. They will be supplied as 9cm potted plants that can be planted out as soon as you receive them, perfect to get them established before the winter frost appears, over the next month or so. We also suggest you invest in their amazing Incredibloom fertiliser that will help promote growth and flowerage by around 400%. also have a great selection of beautiful metallic effect patio pots and saucers that will be the perfect home for your new Golden Mimosa. They are so confident you like your order, as they provide all orders with a 5 star guarantee should you not be 100% happy with your order. These fabulous special offers from and click on the banner bar above today, we know you won’t be disappointed.