Have you been used to the old style mobile phones and not had the courage to take the plunge with one of the new all singing and dancing handsets?  If yes then we have found the ideal package for you. Not only will you get one of the easiest handsets to use that has the very latest technology, you will also get FREE internet connection to go with it. Vodafone.co.uk/findyourfeet is perfect for those taking the first steps in having a Smart Phone. This PAYG tariff is perfect to see how people interact with each other using the internet along with reading you e-mails on the go. Plus you will be able to access social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We really think this a fabulous offer from Vodafone.co.uk/findyourfeet and perfect for first timers to internet on their mobile phone. Take a look at the selection of great phones available along with tariff prices by just clicking the below banner bar.

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  1. conway marks Says:

    interested in a smart phone payg for an oldie

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Vodafone.co.uk/findyourfeet is the perfect PAYG offer for the first time users of the internet on their Smart Phone. Not only will you be able to do all the things you are used to such as calling and texting, you will now be able to access the internet. Plus you can check your e-mails and go on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook whilst out and about, should you so wish. This fabulous offer not only lets you have the very latest technology on an easy to use Smart phone but also gives you FREE internet charges. This means you can use the internet if you so wish but it does not matter if you don’t want to. The selection of phones includes the Samsung Galaxy or the Vodafone handsets plus the option to buy a second hand phone in tip top condition. Join one of the biggest UK mobile phone companies that pride themselves with fabulous customer support and superb network quality. Vodeafone.co.uk/findyourfeet gives you flexibility of paying for as much or as little as you use and getting FREE internet usage is an added bonus. Full details of this great offer can be found on their website, to access simple click the above flashing link today. Like most offers this will not be around for long so make sure you check it out today to avoid any disappointment.