The modern mobile phones from the big manufactures now come in all shapes and sizes but the most important thing of all is what you have to pay for your calls each and every month, if you’re looking for a run of the mill handset you’ll be able to get it free of charge in most cases, most of the new smart phones will come for free too if you commit to a costly tariff. As most of us just want a phone that makes calls and sends the occasional text message, Vodafone have come up with some great value plans for those that require just that. If you already own a handset that you’re quite happy with and you’d like to keep costs down to a minimum a “Sim Only” deal is what you need, these are by far the best value way of running a mobile and can cost as little as £10.50 per month at Vodafone and include free minutes of talk time, free texts and a free web browsing. If you’re convinced you need one of the latest phones there are some good deals out there but do be careful as in most cases with free phones you’ll be locked into a 24 month contract. Find all the top deals on both PAYG and contract phones plus all mobile internet dongle offers by clicking the offer bar below or visit Vodafone.co.uk/press for the monthly specials.

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Make the right chose when choosing your mobile network, it's always a good idea to ask others if they get a good reception near your home and place of work. We've found Vodafone usually have the best coverage of the 4 main networks which are Orange/T-mobile, O2 and Vodafone, this is why we recommend them. In our experience we've found the smaller networks may well be slightly cheaper but what's the point in joining them if you can't get a signal to make any calls, you may as well not bother having a mobile phone at all.

We've recently done a test to see how much coverage Vodafone really do offer, our findings were pretty good for this network, we found the phone signal covers slightly over 99% of the UK population and their 3G network is a little less than 81%, this provides the user with mobile broadband which can be found on most modern smart phones. Please feel free to leave your comments in the box provided for others to see, we feel it's always good to hear what other UK users think of Vodafone, thanks for reading this page and we look forward to seeing all your comments.