Here we have the very latest from the market leaders in the UK. With so many updated features it has been described as the phone that has everything! The handset looks stylish and sleek and comes in black or white, and most of all is 4G ready! Vodafone.co.uk/q10business is now available and you can get it for FREE on a Vodafone.co.uk contract. The keyboard has real buttons and a more accurate predictive text, along with updated features for BBM chat, and with having the QWERTY keyboard and touch screen it will be easier and quicker to use. If you are signed up to BBM messaging then the video messaging has been simplified and all you need to do is touch the screen hey presto you are talking through a video chat. This really is an impressive phone and being 4G ready can only make it more tempting. To find out more about this amazing deal from Vodafone.co.uk/q10business click on the banner bar below.

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Other Information About Vodafone.co.uk/q10business

The Vodafone.co.uk/q10business is the smart new phone that has loads to offer. It includes a newly styled QWERTY keyboard with real keys and adding the touch screen it makes it easier and more accurate to use! If you are working on something or catching up on a film or program and you hear the notification message, instead of having to stop what you are doing to see what it is, there is a nifty Blackberry Hub. Here you can swipe across and see who’s been messaging you and either respond straightaway or leave it until later, the choice is yours! Video chatting has been simplified and all you need to do is press a button whilst you are on BBM messaging. When working on a project the Q10 allows you to create a scrapbook to store photos, documents, e-mails, and web links so you have everything in one place. The Q10 comes with a 16GB internal memory, 3.14ins touch screen with 8 megapixels image resolution. Once you have decided on the handset you can then choose whichever tariff suits you best. Vodafone.co.uk/q10business believe they have found the simplest way to get this fabulous phone and to investigate further just hit the above banner link.