These wonderful little fruits are so tasty and delicious and so easy to grow. There is definitely something about home grown food; it always tastes so much nice and more delicious than shop bought ones. They are so easy to grow, and will continue to give you a fabulous crop for many years to come. The wonderful Patio Cherry ‘Little Stella’ from is only £19.99 for one tree, saving you 33% on the standard price. The wonderfully sweet Lapins come from Canada and come from the Stella cherry family. These wonderful trees are dwarf in sixe compared to it’s bigger sister, it will only grow to around 4ft tall, making it perfect for those with a smaller garden or outside living space. It will produce a beautiful cherry blossom display in the spring and a wonderful crop of cherries late summer. The Patio Cherry ‘Little Stella’ from Yougarden.comrdx144 is the perfect addition to your garden. To find out more and to place your order, simply click on the banner bar above.

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The fantastic Patio Cherry ‘Little Stella’ has the same characteristics as its big sister the Stella. It offers a fabulous crop late summer of delicious, juicy cherry’s and being home grown means they will taste better than any other you may have tried. has teamed up with the Sunday Express to offer you this amazing offer where you can get one tree for only £19.99. This amazing 33% will save you £10 on the normal price. It is the dwarf variety and will only grow to around 4ft tall, making it perfect for small outside living spaces, including balconies and terraces. During the spring it produces beautiful, cherry blossom and the bumper crop will be ready during the summer months. They are so easy to grow and are self-pollinating, and completely hard for the UK weather. You order will despatched over the coming days as 4.5l potted plants and can be planted out as soon as you receive it. It would be such a shame to miss out on this amazing offer from, click on the banner above today to place your order.