This beautiful plant will bring gorgeous colours to your garden or outside living space from May to September. It has been carefully cultivated by skilfully merging 3 plants together to give you the most wonderful display, offering beautiful shades of pink, red and white colours. The stunning Tricolour Oleander is now available from at an amazing price. One plant costs just £14.99, saving you £5 on the normal price. The glorious Tricolour Oleander plants are well adapted to the UK’s weather and will cope with short periods of drought and conditions down to -3c. Each wonderful plant requires little maintenance and will soon become a welcomed addition to your garden. They are very versatile and will grown anywhere, thriving in pots and containers along with flowerbeds and borders, making them suitable for any outside space. is also offering fabulous prices on the unusually, rare Hydrangea Incredibal as well as their Superior Plant food. Click on the banner bar below today to place your order, delivery will be made over the coming weeks.

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Other Information About has limited stock on the glorious Tricolour Oleander at the moment and we are sure they will sell out very soon. This wonderful plant offers an array of beautiful pinks, reds and white coloured flowers all the way through the summer, from May to September. This wonderful plant is made up of three Oleander plants that have been skilfully merged together by the experts. Tricolour Oleanders love the hot weather and will thrive in drought conditions throughout the summer, they can also cope with temperatures as low as -3c, making them perfect all year round for the UK’s weather. When not in bloom they offer beautiful, evergreen leaves that look simply gorgeous. We believe the best place for the Tricolour Oleander to grow is in patio pots and also have money saving offers on their 32cm round Valencia Planters. They are also offering savings on their Hydrangea Incrediball plants that produce the biggest balls of flowers you will have ever seen. Also on offer at the moment is their fabulous Blooming Fast Superior plant food that will aid your plants growth and development. To make the most of all these special offers click on the link above today to place your order.