If the water is looking a little murky thanks to the green algae and blanket weed then take a look at this offer as it will help clear the problem in no time. It is fast acting and you will have crystal clear water with 2 weeks of starting the treatment. This can be used regardless if you use a filter or not, it will do exactly the same job. The Bio Pond Clear Ultra is now available from and is definitely the best environmentally friendly water cleaner you can use on your pond. The Starter pack treats a 12,500 litre pond and is only £8.99. Save £5 with the Medium Pack that treats 25,000 litres for just £12.98 and save a massive £18 on the Large Pack that treats up to 50,000 litres and only £17.96. All these fantastic treatment packs include a FREE Nitrate& Nitrite test kit. The Bio Pond Clear Ultra is the best way to treat your pond and definitely won’t harm your fish, pets, wildlife or plants. For your chance to get this fabulous pond cleaner from simply click on the link below today, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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Other Information About is currently offering the very latest in pond cleaner with the Bio Pond Clear Ultra. You can save up to £18 on their Large Pack which cleans up to 50,000 litres of pond water. This amazing stuff will help to keep your pond crystal clear and give the perfect safe environment for your fish and wildlife to flourish. This amazing pond cleaner will eliminate green algae, scum and blanket weed in approx. 2 weeks. It is chemically free and totally environmentally friendly and specially formulated to be completely harmless to the fish, pets or any other wildlife that may frequent your pond. Each pack contains billions of microbes it can keep your pond clear for months, in some cases years! Enjoy a perfectly clean pond with crystal clean water with the Bio Pond Clear Ultra from and receive a FREE Nitrate and nitrite testing kit with every order to help you keep the right balance in your pond. The above banner will take you through to their website where you can find the full details.