This fabulous offer will get you a wonderful array of stunning looking flowers all in the right colours to celebrate St. Georges day. They offer a stunning display when they burst into full bloom and look simply gorgeous in your hanging basket this year. The Patriotic Petunias as from are a mixed of trailing petunias in beautiful red, white and blue. These gorgeous flowers look perfectly at home in hanging baskets and will give a continuous display from mid May to October, or whenever the first frost arrives. There is a £10 saving when you purchase 24 jumbo plug plants with this amazing offer. They are so easy to grow and will keep on growing until the end of the summer months and require minimal maintenance during this time. These fabulous offer from just keep on coming. So to make sure you do not miss out on the stunning Patriotic Petunia’s simply click on the banner bar just below today to place your order.

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The stunning Patriotic Petunias collection is currently in special offer from where you can save £10 on jumbo plug plants. These wonderful plug plants are best placed in hanging baskets where they can be left to grow and trail, producing a wonderful summer display. The petunia collection comes in red, blue or white, and perfect for anyone feeling a bit patriotic – hence the name! They will burst in full bloom, producing their first display around mid May and continue to flower until the first autumn frost, usually around October. They not only look amazing but also produce a gorgeous sweet smell. We believe they are the best flowers to have in your hanging baskets this year. Place your order has never been easier, simply click on the banner above today and follow the step-by-step instructions. have a host of other special offers on at the moment, click today to see what other delights they have available.