These glorious trees will take pride of place in your garden or outside living area for many years to come. They offer grandeur along with a touch of the Mediterranean and are best placed with side of gateways or doorways. The stunning Italian Cypress trees currently have a £10 saving with this fantastic offer from For just £19.99 you can get two of these amazing trees what will look simply amazing in your outside space this year, and for many years to come. They will add height and remain a lush green throughout the year, and are completely winter hardy. Delivery is over the coming weeks and will arrive as two 1.2-1.4 potted trees. They can be planted in flowerbeds or orders but we truly believe they are best in patio pots. To place your order for a magnificent Italian Cypress Trees from, simply click on the link below today.

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This is your perfect chance to get two of the stunning Italian Cypress Trees at an amazing price with this wonderful offer from They are simply magnificent when fully established and will add a touch of the Mediterranean to your outside space this year, and for many years to come. They will add height and grandeur to any walkway, doorway or gateway and become a welcomed addition to your outside living space very quickly. Being fully winter hardy, makes them perfect for your outside space and they will remain a gorgeous green throughout the year. We believe they are best planted in patio pots or containers but they can also be planted in the ground, in flowerbeds or borders. Each requires very little maintenance apart from a bit of a trim each year. This fabulous offer from for the wonderful Italian Cypress Tree is only available whilst stocks last, so click today to make sure you do not miss out.