Here we have a wonderful plant that will bring a touch of dramatic elegance to your garden area this year and for many years to come. It offers the most beautiful coloured flowered spike that look simply amazing. They burst into bloom from May to August and will add height to garden borders and flower beds. The wonderful Pride of Madeira is currently available from, where you can save £5 when you purchase two of these amazing plants. They are also offer a bonus offer for the stunning Daphne Pink Fragrance along with great savings on the beautiful Valencia Planter pots. The Pride of Madeira is very hardy and can cope with temperatures down to -5c and require very little maintenance. Its beautiful flower spikes grow to about 1.5m tall every other year and will definitely become a focal point of your garden. Enjoy these fabulous savings with this amazing offer from and click the banner bar below today to place your order.

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The stunning Pride of Madeira with bring a wonderful dramatic look and feel to your garden with its gorgeous spiky bloom. is offering one plant for only £14.99 or you can save £5 when you purchase two at the same time. The stunning flower spikes appear every other year and grow to around 1.5 metres or 5ft tall from May to August. They are the perfect magnet for pollinators such as bees and butterflies throughout their flowering cycle. Each of these wonderful plants will feel at home in borders, flower beds or even large patio pots, and being winter hardy means they can survive temperatures as low as -5c.  Once you have placed your order for the stunning Pride of Madeira, your order will be delivered as an established plant in a 2L over the coming weeks. is also offering a bonus offer for the stunning, highly fragrant Daphne Pink that offers gorgeous small pink flowers. There are also saving to be made on their Blooming Fast Superior Plant Food and their wonderful 32 cm Valencia Plater pots. Enjoy all of these fabulous offers and click on the banner bar below today to place your order.