Here is the perfect chance for you to get some fabulous blooms that will grow year after year in your garden. They offer fabulous colour along with glorious scent and are at an amazing price. These fabulous plants have been bred and developed by Raymond Evison, who is renowned across the globe for producing such beautiful plants and shrubs. The Boulevard Patio Clematis is now available from for just £7.50 each. This amazing deal means you can get 2 of these plants saving you £10 on the normal prices. Each set includes the beautiful pink flowered ‘Abilene’ and the stunning purple flowered ‘Parisienne’. Each of these plants will give an abundance of fabulous blooms all summer long, they are also winter hardy making sure them perfect for the British weather. Being a compact variety they will only grow to around 4ft tall, and look great placed in patio pots or anywhere in your garden where space is limited. Make the most of this great deal from and get 2 of the Boulevard Patio Clematis, just click the link below today to find out more. 

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Other Information About are becoming the market leaders in mail order for garden plants, shrubs and trees. They have a host of fabulous offers that will help you fill your garden full of fabulous blooms throughout the year, whilst saving you money at the same time. Their latest offering is for the stunning Boulevard Patio Clematis that will flower from May right through to October, half of the year! These stunning plants cost only £7.50 each when you buy the duo set that includes the fabulous pink flowered ‘Abilene’ and the wonderful purple flowered ‘Parisienne. These beautiful plants look great in the pots scattered around the patio, basically anywhere that needs a bit of colour. They only grow to around 4ft and require little maintenance. They have been careful bred and developed by Raymond Evison, who is world renowned for his trade and a recent winner at the Chelsea Flower Show. These beautiful Boulevard Patio Clematis are also winter hardy so will flower for many years to come. Enjoy these wonderful plants in your garden this year thanks to and click the above link for more information. Do not forget to have a look at all the other special offers currently available.