If you are after a dramatic look for the garden or front of your house or property, then look no further as these fabulous trees are just what you need. They look stunning wherever they are placed and will give a Mediterranean feel to the outside of your home or property. are offering these wonderful evergreen Italian Cypress, you can get two for only £9.99, making them less than £5 per tress. Alternatively if you want more you can get 2 pairs for a fabulous price of £16.98, making them £4.25 per tress. Plus you will receive their latest catalogue FREE with every order. Each tree will be delivered as well-established potted plants around 80-100cm tall and in pots approx. 14cm. They are very hardy and need very little maintenance, apart from a little trim to keep their shape. Plus they are very drought tolerant so no need to water every day. Make you garden a place of beautiful this year, so make the most of this fabulous offer from and follow the link below for more information.

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The beautiful Evergreen Italian Cypress tree will add a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden or outdoor space this year. Thanks to you an your hands on a couple of these trees for only £9.99 or you can get 2 pairs for only £16.98, making them £4.25 for each tree! Plus each order will also receive their catalogue completely FREE of charge. These fabulous trees will add height wherever they are placed, whether they are deep on your garden or placed by doorways and gateways.  Each of these wonderful trees will be delivered as well established potted plants in 14 can pots, each will be around 80-100cm tall and ready to be planted wherever you fancy. They look simply stunning and require very little maintenance, just a trim every now and them to keep them in their great shape. Plus they are very drought tolerant and completely winter hardy, so no worrying about how cold I gets. As a bonus offer you can also get FREE feed with every orange and lemon tree collection you order. Get a Navelina oranges and Eureka lemon tress for only £39.98. Create a stunning entrance to your garden this year with these wonderful Italian Cypress trees from