The latest collection is now available and with so many special offers and deals you can afford to treat yourself a little bit and get more for your money. Each outfit has been carefully planned to make sure you not only look great but you feel great at the same time. The designs are sleek and timeless with something for all the family. is now here and offering you fabulous deals on your next purchase. Treat yourself to that extra top or skirt; hey why not go for both? The ladies department has something for the office, something for the beach and the party but its best is the everyday collection as it has so many mix and match items made from luxurious materials in stunning vibrant colours. Visit today to see all the items included in this fabulous sale, alternatively click on the banner bar below to be taken through to their website.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Fantastic savings, thanks Boden.

  2. Kim Hilton Says:

    Dear Boden

    Whilst I love the Boden clothes I have managed to order over the years I do find it increasingly annoying at how quickly you sell out of an item and in April I am told you will be getting no more stock in? I was sent a 15% off voucher and a £10 gift voucher and couldn’t spend either because all the items I wanted were out of stock and not more were coming in. Its a bit of a waste of time to be honest. Today I again look on your ‘secret’ offer and there will only be one size left. quite honestly I haven’t got the time to scroll through everything only to be told as I try place an order that its either out of stock or I will have to wait 7 weeks for it.

  3. Natalie Says:

    Have I missed something? I clicked through the secret web address as instructed by the piece of direct mail, thinking it was early access to a sale, and I am merely on the usual web site? I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be inflicting damage on? The new collection early, is that it?

  4. Pressdeals Admin Says:

    Hi Natalie

    If you click the red “Boden/secret” text on the post, you’ll go directly to the secret sale at Boden.

  5. Sarah Says:

    some great offers but as I had taken advantage of the 15 per cent and £10 offer last week have resisted the temptation. Yes I have got to wait for 2 of the items but hey ho that’s life and the weather is still cool !! Items in my size (8 reg) do run out very quickly which can be a shame but it just demonstrates it is not mass produced. I just wish I could afford all the things I see and covet.

  6. T Waterson Says:

    Received your invitation to the ‘secret’ site today, 23/4/13! Bit late as it was only available on 22nd! Hope I haven’t missed out too much!!

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Shhh… The is now out and will give you fabulous savings on your next purchase no matter how large or small. are renowned for their fabulous stunning collections for Ladies, Men, Johnnie B and the little Mini Boden all offer excellent quality clothing that offer a little something different in the styles. Each stunning outfit has been carefully planned and prepared with various different mix and match items available. They have thought about everything from tops and shorts to dresses and skirts, shoes, bags, socks, nightwear along with all different kinds of undies. Take a look through by clicking the above banner and see what they have to offer and with such a fabulous offer you can afford to treat yourself to that extra little something special. Their designs are timeless and you are sure to find the perfect outfit for the wedding or party you have been invited to or for the special lunch or dinner date. The catalogue has so many different ideas and will suggest things you would never dream if putting together. Make sure you visit today to see all that is included in this fabulous sale.