Vodafone Business Shop

Vodafone Business Shop

If you’re after the ultimate mobile business package with the most powerful network, this is for you, there’s currently so much on offer with the new business side of Vodafone on both mobile phones and USB broadband. Why go without internet access when you’re out on the road or traveling around the country? The new USB mobile broadband dongles are quite simply amazing, just plug one in to the side or back of your laptop and you have full access to the world wide web and full email functions on the move and the best thing of all is you can get 3 months free if you order one online today. If a new mobile handset is what you’re after there really are so many fantastic options for you to choose from with the Vodafone.co.uk/businessshop promotion. Prices start from as little as £25 per month, this gives you a free phone of your choice and unlimited calls to UK landlines and 500 minutes to any mobile network plus inclusive texts, the deals are endless and you can still get 12 month contracts rather than 18 or 24 month deals. If you already have a phone and just want to go for a calls pack then the “Sim Only” option is for you, this is the cheapest way to for your business to make calls, from just over £17 each month you can make 600 minutes of calls and get unlimited text messages, the best thing of all about this option is it’s only on a 30 day rolling contract and you can use your current number too, find out more by clicking the offer bar below.

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There's a great deal for all business's available at Vodafone today, if you employ hundreds of people or you're a one man band there are special money saving deals available to you now. Why put up with calls dropping out or internet connection failures when you can get a great deal from the most trusted network of all, find out more at Vodafone.co.uk/businessshop online. If your after a mobile USB broadband package, a free mobile phone or a sim only value pack, this is the place for you and your company, click on the offer bar above to find out more.