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Other Information About is still on but unfortunately not for much longer. To make sure you do not miss out just follow the above banner bar. You can save up to 50% on the standard BT Broadband package. You can choose what you do and do not want included, making it more of a personalised product. This amazing deal also includes UK unlimited weekend calls as well as a Sainsbury gift card to the value of £75 to spend at your leisure either online or in store. If you need more or have a busy household then take a look at the fabulous fibre optic BT Infinity package that offers you amazing upload and download speeds, usually much faster the standard BT Broadband. You can save over 20% on this package at the moment and receive huge £125 gift voucher from Sainsbury’s. With either of these packages you can add the fabulous BT Sport channels onto your account for a small additionally amount every month. If you like your TV and are looking for an all includes package then take a look at the BT Infinity and BT TV package, again saving you just under 25% per month. You will get many FREEView channels included along with the BT Sport channels making sure you do not miss out on some of the best games and matches about. This offer from is not around for much longer so click today to avoid any disappointment.