If you are fed up with silly usage limits and your speeds being slowed down as a result the look no further as here we have the perfect package for you. No matter how much you use, you will not have your speeds restricted. What is more you will get this fabulous package completely FREE for the first 6 months and £16 per month thereafter. is offering you the chance to join the UK’s favourite award winning broadband network, with speeds up to 16Mb and totally unlimited usage. Plus you will get unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines; you can add your landline for a small additional amount each month. As a welcome gift you will also receive a £25 Sainsbury’s gift card to spend online or in store. As part of this amazing deal you will also get unlimited Wi-Fi access to over 4.5 million hotspots in the UK, so no matter where you are you can stay online. Click on the below link for more information on this amazing deal today.

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Other Information About will give you totally unlimited broadband forever, so it doesn’t matter how much you use you will not have your speeds restricted. With unlimited broadband you will get up to 16Mb download speeds along with the BT Home Hub wireless router plus access to the 2GB BT cloud. This fabulous package also includes all your weekend calls to UK landlines, with the option to upgrade to unlimited calls anytime calls. Line rental can be added to your package for a small charge each month and unfortunately is not part of the 6 months free offer. has a superb TV service that can also be added to your deal for an additional amount.  As a thank you for signing up online you will receive £25 gift card from Sainsbury’s to spend at your leisure. This really is a brilliant deal and the unlimited usage will last for as long as want and do not forget you will get your service for FREE for the first 6 months. If you think swapping providers can be too much of a hassle then think again. Once you have placed your order BT will contact your current provider and do all the work for you, and hopefully have you moved over within 10 working days. To find out more about this amazing deal from BT.com4ever6 just click on the link above and start placing your order today.