When it comes to cleaning the home we all want it to be as easy as possible and be a thorough as possible. This amazing piece of kit will make light work of cleaning all types of floors, stairs, cars, caravans, boats – the list is endless. The fabulous Dyson v8 absolute is now available from Dyson.co.uk/v8 and really will make light work of your housework. The fabulous v8 absolute has a very powerful Dyson digital motor that will give you twice the suction power of any of their competitors, any other cordless vacuums in fact. The direct-drive cleaner head means it can clean all types of flooring from hardwood and tiles to carpets and rug. It makes light work of stairs and hard to react places up above as well. Being cordless makes it transportable, cleaning your car or caravan is really easy as well as the ability to take it away on camping holidays. Enjoy the very latest technology with the Dyson v8 absolute from Dyson.co.uk/v8 we know you will not be disappointed. To find out more and to place your order click on the banner below today.

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The fabulous award winning Dyson v8 absolute is definitely the best cordless stick vacuums about at the moment. Dyson.co.uk/v8 really has come up trumps with this fabulous vacuum as it can be used anywhere around the home or office, caravan, tent boat car plus anywhere else you can think of. Do not be fooled by the slender compact design as it is rammed full of the very latest technology and has one of the most power digital motors about. The amazing motor is capable of moving 15 litre of air every single second! The great design of the Dyson v8 absolute means you can us it on all floor types around the home without having to mess about changing heads etc. It will make cleaning the stairs so much easier as you won’t have a cable or heavy vacuum to carry or get tangled up in! Getting rid of the cobwebs and dust up above is a breeze thanks to the stick design. Each of these wonderful vacuums come with a 2-year part and labour guarantee and if you have any issues you can speak to a UK based customer support team. If you are looking for a new hoover then look no further as the fabulous Dyson v8 absolute from Dyson.co.uk/v8 should be your only choice. Click today to find out more.