It is the time of year when the best offers are about and this one is no exception. This one is a double special offer where the savings are so huge, they will seem unbelievable. For a limited time only these amazing deals will save you an absolute fortune on your media requirements and get you connected to the largest internet network in the UK. The special offers are now available, and they are offering around £490 work of savings. Unlike their competitors, all of these offers are available for new and existing customers alike. There are two different parts to this offer, one for the amazing fibre optic broadband that offers phenomenal speeds and unlimited usage. Each new customer will receive a prepaid BT Reward gift card up to the value of £100 when you sign up to any of the BT Infinity Broadband Packages, which can be spent on whatever and wherever you fancy. The other offer is for the fabulous mobile phone special savings. All BT Broadband customers will automatically receive a £5 per month discount along with fantastic savings on their data Sims. Their normal 6GB sim has now been increased to 8GB, giving you 8GB of data each month for just £15 per month, this will save you over £80 during your initial contract. All online SIM orders will receive a BT Reward Card up to £75 to spend at your leisure, either online or instore. There are many more different offers available from during the Black Friday Weekend special offers, click on the link below today to find out all the details and to place your orders.

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The fabulous Black Friday offers continue and has a wonderful collection of special money saving deals available for you. They are offer savings of just under £500 on a mix of the fabulous BT Infinity Broadband packages, their outstanding fibre optic broadband, along with their SIM deals. There are 3 main BT Infinity packages to choose from, one being the standard package, offering wonderful superfast speeds up to 38Mb, next is the BT Unlimited Infinity, giving you speeds up to a massive 52Mb along with unlimited usage each month. Finally is the BT Unlimited + BT TV, this packages offers the same BT Unlimited Infinity Broadband along with their fabulous TV service. The TV package offers over 100 channels, with new ones being added all the time along with the ability to rewind, record and pause live TV. The BT Sport channels along with HD will be included FREE of charge for the duration of your first contract, this alone will save you up to £270! All unlimited BT Infinity packages ordered online will receive a BT Reward Card up to the value of £100 as a welcome gift, these can be spent online or instore, anywhere that access Mastercard. The second part of this amazing offer will save you up to £84 on the BT SIM cards. The 500Mb SIM costs just £7 per month and includes unlimited minutes (terms apply). The 3GB SIM now offers 4GB data per month and is only £10 per month. The biggest saving is on the 6GB SIM, which now offers 8GB data for only £15 per month. All customers who purchase any of these SIIM cards online will receive a BT Reward card up to the value of £75. Take full advantage of these amazing Black Friday special deals from Click the link above today to place your order and enjoy the huge savings.