Undoubtedly one of the best internet and media companies about and they also offer some of the best deals and special offers around. Not only can you get all your telephone requirements through them, you can also get your internet and a fantastic television service, basically you can get all your media bits and bobs through the one company, pay a fabulously low price and get one of the best services and performances about. has amazing deals for you at the moment, where you can choose as much or as little you want in your bundle. Their fabulous starter package is the BT Broadband with up to 17Mb download speeds and a 10GB usage each month. As part of this deal you will also get the BT Sport app and online play and a BT Home Hub 4. If you want more from your broadband then take a look at the BT Infinity fibre optic broadband, offering up to 5x faster than the average broadband speeds making it perfect for busy households or streaming live games and programs. If you want more from your package then take a look at the BT Infinity and TV service where you will receive the fabulous BT Infinity broadband service and receive the fantastic YouView+ box where you can record, pause and rewind live TV. It also gives you full access to the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand 5 and 4oD. All of these fabulous offers shave reduced rates for the first 6 months and include weekend calls to UK landlines, plus you will receive a Sainsbury’s gift card up to the value of £75, dependant on the package you choose. Make the most of this fabulous deal from as it won’t be around for long. Click the banner bar below today to find out more.

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Other Information About has a wonderful deal on for you at the moment where you can get as much or as little as you want from your media package. You can choose to just have their amazing BT Broadband service and get up to 17Mb download speeds and totally unlimited usage, meaning you never have to worry how much you use. If you want more or have a number of devices trying to connect at the same time then take a look at the amazing BT Infinity broadband. The fibre optic service gives you 5 x faster speeds than the standard broadband service and is perfect for very busy households. It can offer download speeds up to 76Mb and up to 19Mb upload speeds and can also be unlimited usage. With all of their amazing broadband packages you will receive the BT Sport app and online player, along with unlimited Wi-fi with 1000’s of access points around the UK. Plus BT SmartTalk, BT Parental Controls and access to the BT Cloud all come as standard. Weekend calls are also part fo the deal and line rental is a small additional amount each month. You can also add their amazing TV service onto your package and receive the YouView+ box FREE of charge. You will have a brilliant collection of channels and programs to watch along with access to the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and many more catch up TV channels. Once you have placed your order you will receive a Sainsbury’s gift card up to the value of £75 as a welcome gift. This really is an amazing deal from so click the link today to make sure you do not miss out.