When taking a trip aboard we always find ourselves paying for things we don’t really need or end up paying more than people who take more with them. Here we have found the perfect solution with an option for most scenarios when taking a short haul trip. There are plenty of different fares to choose from with including the Hand Baggage only fare, Semi-flex, standard along with the #HelloWeekend fare. All have something different to offer but one thing is for sure you will all get the best service from the UK’s favourite airline. The hand luggage only fare offers the best possible rate available, without checking any luggage in, and allows you to choose your seat FREE of charge 24hrs before departure. The standard fare caters for the family or those who have extra luggage to take, the Semi-flex is perfect for the business traveller who needs to change flights at very short notice. To find out more about these exciting fares from simply click on the below link today.

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Finally, we have found flight fares to Europe to suit nearly all travellers with the fabulous new offerings from They have created a selection of different fares to suit what you are looking for, so there’s no need to pay more than you need to. The Hand Baggage only deal offers you the best possible rate as you don’t need to check anything in, you can choose your seat FREE of charge 24hrs before your flight and are able to change your flight for a small charge and the difference (if any) in fares. The Standard fare caters for those who need to travel with more stuff, especially families. This very special fare includes 23kgs checked in baggage and the option to increase the amount of baggage required, plus you can choose your seat 24 hours from departure. The Semi-flex is perfect for the business traveller who constantly find themselves having to change their plans at short notice. This fantastic fare includes 23kg checked in luggage and the option to change your flight for FREE and even on the day of travel plus you can choose your seat 48hrs before your flight. The Hello Weekend fare is perfect for those who want to get away from it all for a couple of days over the weekend. They offer wonderful fares and breaks with 2 night breaks in Europe starting from £119 per person that includes a 2 night stay and return flights. Choosing makes perfect sense, not only do they offer the best fares, cater for most needs they also have one of the best reputations about. Check is possible in many ways including online, mobile or at the airport, plus each flight you can enjoy refreshments for FREE from their onboard food and bar service. The above link takes you directly through to their website where you can find out all about their amazing fares and destinations.