Get the very latest hand held device from a company you can trust. For only a small amount each month you can get your hands on this nifty phone that is 4G ready and can do everything you need to on it. Browse the internet, shop online, play games, watch programs and films oh and of course make and receive calls and texts. With Vodafone.co.uk/htcone you can get the very latest HTC One phone and you will be truly amazed with all its functionality. Stream live videos to your home TV see photo’s jump onto the screen and best of all listen to your favourite music in incredible sound. The impressive 4.65 inch touchscreen screen takes very impressive photos and has an internal memory of 32GB. Take a look at this fabulous phone from Vodafone.co.uk/htcone and see all the functionality it has to offer and all the prices involved by clicking on the link below.

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Other Information About Vodafone.co.uk/htcone

The Vodafone.co.uk/htcone is one of the best phones about at the moment; the 4.65 inch screen produces fantastic pictures and videos that can be ‘jumped’ onto a home screen. It also has a great sound system hidden away that will play your favourite tunes whenever you want, and the excellent quality means you can bang them out at party’s or get togethers. It comes with a massive 32GB internal memory with 18 hours 3G talk time and 500 hours 3G standby time. The phone is also 4G ready so as soon as the service is available you will be ready to go. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology along with Google Maps Navigation for the SatNav. The camera has a 4 megapixles image resolution with a LED camera flash and has 4x camera zoom. It also comes with an FM radio and a music player, additional games and apps can be chosen via Google Play. Once you have seen and used the Vodafone.co.uk/htcone you will not look back and the above banner bar will take you through to the website showing you all the functionalities and all the prices involved.