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Here is your chance to take part in the coverall jackpot and win a life changing £1 million! There are plenty of other games to take part in where you can win fantastic prizes from a luxury cruise to a 42” flat screen TV.  At offer a welcome bonus giving you 20 free cards to get you started along with a 100% cash match bonus on your 1st deposit as long as it is between £10 and £100. offer many fantastic promotions with a daily £100 jackpot to Bingo Pays the Bills game each month.  There is also a fantastic opportunity to win a trip on the Bingo Cruise round the Caribbean plus games every Thursday to win a £500. also offers a loyalty program and every time you log on you will receive extra points plus extra cards for every friend you refer.  Not forgetting you can play to win £1 million pounds 3 times a week.  If bingo is not for you then there are loads of other games you can play from trying your luck on the Roulette wheel or the good old favourite the Fruit Machines.  You can also make friends as there is a chat room where you can meet and talk to the people you are playing against making it more fun to join.  Do not delay and play Bingo today, click on the link for more information

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Other Information About – £100 Cashback offers you so many games to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.  There are weekly and daily promotions from a daily jackpot of £100 to a £1 million jackpot you can play 3 times a week.  The first time you make a deposit will give you 20 free cards to get you started and £100 cash back when you deposit between £10 and £100. If Bingo is not for you there are plenty of other games to play where you could find yourself winning a trip on the Bingo Cruise round the Caribbean.  Click on the link for more information.