If your after fine digital TV and you want it before the big switchover comes along and everyone will be charging a fortune, now is the time to get it and to be honest there’s never been a better time. British Telecom have a fantastic promotion on right now, you can get 3 months at a heavily discounted price of just £7.50 each month, is a great new promotion, it’s a service that gives you TV on demand, this lets you watch all the best shows from the previous week from the five major channels at the touch of a button plus you can choose from literally thousands of other shows including sport, kids shows plus all the latest films, you can basically create your own channel, click below.

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Other Information About is a special service for current broadband customers, you can get it for just £7.50 at the moment for the first 3 months, take a look for yourself by clicking the offer bar above or by visiting online today.